Order online and pick up at the Farmers' Market

Order online and pick up your freeze-dried snacks at the farmers’ market or schedule a pick-up with us.

Why order online?

  • You’ll get Better Prices
  • You’ll have a Better Selection
  • You can Pick up at a location convenient to you

Our online store is the only place where you can see our full collection of freeze-dried goodies.

How does it work?

Order your freeze-dried items from our online store

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Once you complete your order, you’ll be asked to choose a pick date through our Calendly calendar. Currently, we have two main pick up locations. 

– The McKinney Farmers’ Market in Chestnut Square. It’s open 8 am – 12 pm every Saturday. 

– The Granite Park Boardwalk Farmers’ Market. It’s open 11 am – 4 pm every Sunday

So, you just have to choose which Saturday or Sunday you want to pick up and you can pick up your order anytime during the markets.

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Then just pick up your order anytime during the your scheduled market!


Can you ship my order to me?

At this time we’re unable to ship our products but you can still order freeze-dried snacks online.

How do I reschedule?

When you schedule your pick up date you will receive a confirmation email from Calendly. At the bottom of the confirmation email you will be able to reschedule your pick up to a later week.

What if I miss my pick up date? 

If you miss your pick up date we’ll send you an email asking if you would like to reschedule.

What if I forget to schedule?

If you forget to schedule a pick up date when you complete your order you can always find a link to schedule a date in your order confirmation email.

What if I can’t pick up on Saturday? 

If you can’t pick up on Saturday please email jennifer@thefreezedryfactory.com for other possible pick up days.